Reaslistic time expectations to avoid frustration.

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Hamit Kanuni Kuralkan


You would like to see your product come to life as quickly as possible, just like we do. However, it is important to recognize real life time requirements to both avoid frustration and also to set your launch date correctly.

Molds, Milling or Both


When making part, first thing to do is to determine if there is a need for a mold or aparatus or if it could be millled or formed in an automated machine like a CNC machine.


Your part may come out of the mold ready to use, or it may require a mold and a post process to reach tolerance requirements.


Your product specifications play an important role making these decisions. Make sure to read our "It's All About Specifications" article to learn more.

Example part that is injection molded and then milled on one surface.



In most cases, a correctly designed part's mold takes 8 to 10 weeks to complete. This excludes special surface treatments and finishes you may require.



On the 8th week from the start of the mold making, first set of parts are injected and sent to you for your approval. You may want to test them in real life conditions and check tolerances yourself. If you need certain changes, it is realistic to leave 2 weeks for the desired changes to be applied and new samples to be sent to you.


It is common for this process to repeat itself a few times until mass manufacturing is apprivoed. As stated earlier, if the product specifications are set correctly, the desired results can be achieved early on, perhaps on the first samples.


If you need additional processes for your part like plating or painting these can take additional time.


To summarize, a realsitic mass production time for a part is 12 weeks from approved part design. Taking this time line into account can help you set a realistic launch date.


That being said every part is different and a truely realistic timeline requires a study of the part by the production team.


Feel free to contact us for your project as early as possible. Remember, every day counts.

Hamit Kanuni Kuralkan


Creative Director


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