One less thing you need to worry about


It is important that you can solve your mold production and injection needs at in a single place so that your molds can be tried quickly and required changes can be applied quickly. Gamaarge offers you unparalleled flexibility.


Our in house injection molding facility can offer you manufaturing solutions. We can manufacture plastics and alluminium injection parts within our facility.


Any post processing you may require can be organized for you as well. We are located in a industrial zone where we have access to galvanizing, painting, lazer marking, sand blasting and practically any other finishing process you may require.



Manufacturing Services

  • Injection Molding


10 Injection Molding Machines

150 to 650 Gr injection capacity


Our facility is capable of manufacturing small to medium sized plastic components in any thermoplastic.





  • CNC Milling Stations


800x600 & 1200x800 work areas


Most mold parts are made in these stations. The backbone of our tool making operation. The CNC milling stations are able to work 24 hours if needed.



  • Dual Injection Molding


2 Dual Injection Molding Machines : 85 to 150 Gr injection capacity


internal moving components or a second female body with which we can inject a hard and a soft material to work together.


Dual injection molding system allows us to manufacture parts with 2 different materials. The molds are designed to have either



  • Painting / Plating


Sourced from certified solution partners


We can have your manufactured parts in the desired RAL colour.


Plastic or Metal parts can be galvanized, chrome plated or any other applicable process of your chosing.



  • Screen Printing / Lazer Marking


Sourced from certified solution partners


Your parts are can be screen printed or lazer marked before shipping.


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