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We are here to help you bring your ideas and designs  to life. Our team can help you finalize your design, analyze manufacturing feasibility, design and simulate mold design as well as  manufacture the molds for you.



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Plastic Injection Molds

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You have come to the right place.

We can bring your projects to life under the supervision of our experienced team in our 1000m2 mold and production center in Istanbul. If you want to reach a faster result and a less costly way, choose us.

Molds are irreversible investments. Therefore, determining the right solutions in advance can provide a great advantage both in terms of money and time. Our experienced team offers you more accurate and cost effective solutions with the help of the latest technology simulation software. We translate our more than 20 years of experience into the most accurate and economic solutions using our state-of-the-art software and CNC machines.

Discover what Gama Arge can offer you.


  • Plastic Injection Molds


    We can build plastic injection molds from either a 3D cad file or a reference part. We can reverse engineer your reference part to reach an exact replica. Let us help you make the right decisions so your short and and long term expectations are met.

  • Mold Simulation


    We use the latest simulation software to foresee potential obstacles in your part design and make sure these obstacles are addressed in a cost effective manner.

  • Mold Design


    In any product development mold design is perhaps the most important step. Wrong decisions at this stage can cause delays, quality issues and even halt the whole project. Make sure you work with the right team to avoid risking your process.

  • Production


    It is important that you can solve your mold production and injection needs at in a single place so that your molds can be tried quickly and required changes can be applied quickly. Gamaarge offers you unparalleled flexibility.

  • Assembly


    The assembly and packaging of your manufactured parts at the time of injection or after injection can speed up the time of the product to market, reduce the error rates and affect your overall costs positively. Ask us we can help you with your needs?

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Gama Araştırma Patent Tasarım Ltd.

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